International Study

1st Czech - German MBA Program

Program Goals

The political development in Europe and market globalization significantly changes the conditions for corporate business activities in the new environment. The MBA study concept has to reflect that development. Besides its basic orientation on the enhancement of strategic and practical management skills, the Czech-German MBA study program lays stress on
- acquiring deeper knowledge of market economy by internship in German companies
- practical and theoretical knowledge of corporate management and trading on international market through lectures of top German experts
- developping and extending of German language skills.
MBA programs currently offered in the Czech Republic are mostly conducted in English.
We are the only school to offer continuous courses of German from the beginning so that the second half of the study may be conducted exclusively in German.

Conditions for admission:

- university diploma
- sufficient knowledge of German
- at least two years of business practice after university graduation .

Study Outline

The program is offered in two phases. The first phase takes place in Prague as distance study. This phase is completed with a state examination and a "European Management Diploma". After being granted the diploma, student may chose from two alternatives:

  1. if the student has sufficient study results further study is possible (daily study, or practice) to take place in Germany to complete the study with the MBA academic degree as recognized in Germany
  2. if the student's results are poorer than required for completing the study in Germany or in case it is impossible for the student to continue two more terms in Germany the MBA study program can be completed as distance study at PIBS in Prague. With regard to the modular character of the study all marks achieved in the first phase are recognized. After successful completion of the study (see general conditions for MBA study at PIBS) the MBA degree can be granted.

First Phase - Content of Study Program

(1st and 2nd term, distance study in Prague)
Subjects are ordered (see below) in such a way that subjects taught exclusively in Czech go first and gradually subjects will be added that are partially or completely taught in German. The final "mini-project" focused on hot corporate issues can be written in German or Czech. If the student wishes to continue study in Germany he or she has to be able to present the mini-project in German with the mark at least "very good" and provide a summary of the project in the length of approximately 4 - 5 pages.
Subject in the 1st and 2nd term

  • Microeconomy
  • Quantitative Methods In Economy
  • International Finance
  • Organizational Structure
  • Corporate Finance
  • Personal Management
  • Production and Quality Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Management Development Trends
  • Informatics
  • Business German
  • Mini-Project

Total No. of hours: 362
The first phase will be complete with the final examination in the form of mini-project presentation. Based on the examination the European Management Diploma will be granted. In order to continue study in Germany the student has to get an average mark of 2.00 from the subjects of study and from Business German and mini-project presentation.

Second Phase - Content of Study Program (in Germany)

A prerequisite for the study is satisfactory study results during the first phase of study. The goal of this phase is to advance the knowledge acquired in the first phase and to add an international dimension to it, to master strategic thinking and to acquire practical experience in German companies.
The 3rd term takes place under the guidance of EAP Berlin teachers in German companies. Students compile a report at the end of their internship.
4. The study in the term takes place in EAP and it is an regular form of study. Based on the subjects taught in Prague, the study extends and deepens certain aspects of the acquired knowledge.
The study of national economy disciplines stresses European institutions and law in business, the study of finance and accounting focuses on the issues of balance analysis, controlling and annual balance sheet, lectures on marketing will cover strategic marketing, marketing of investment goods, consumer products and innovations.
Other blocks bring lectures on sales training, international strategic management, intercultural management, personal management and communication training.
Lecturers come from EAP Berlin and from other German universities, they include reputed experts with experience in postgraduate education.
Total No. of hours in Berlin - at least 330.

Cooperating Organizations

University of Economics, Prague

The University of Economics in Prague is the biggest university oriented on economic science. As the only Czech organization, it is member of the prestigeous Community of European Managerials Schools (CEMS). Students are granted teh CEMS Master degree that is recognized throughout Europe.

Prague International Business School (PIBS)

Prague International Business School was co-founded by the University of Economics and form an organizational part of the university with special status. It organizes postgraduate MBA study and other forms of life-long education in favour of the University of Economics. It is member of the Czech Association of MBA Schools and of the European Foundation of Managerial Development (EFMD). The MBA program is internationally accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University.

Europäische Wirtschaftshochschule Paris-London-Berlin-Madrid-Torino (EAP)

EAP was founded in the year 1973 by Chambre de Commerce et d Industrie de Paris (CCIP) as Grande Ecole with the goal of educating young international manager. Today, it has four branches: in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Torino. EAP in Berlin has the status of a  scientific college recognize by the state. Besides three-year study of "International Corporate Management", EPA offers MBA study program in English that is based in Paris and a multi-lingual MBA program that is based in Madrid.
EAP is supported by the Berlin Senate and is member of Schmalenbach Society for Corporate Management and of the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) in Brussels. The "Stiftung Warentest" organization performed a comparison of 72 German universities and 91 colleges in 1998 according to various criteria. EAP Berlin ranked fourth in the category "What is the overall satisfaction of student" and "How student rate the offer of study", fifth in the category "Where students receive maximum care" and seventh in the category "How satisfied student are with educational equipment".

More details about EAP Berlin can be found on the Internet address:
Contact person: Samira Besic  in EAP Berlin: phone: 00493032007151, e-mail:

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