Forms of MBA Study

Currently, PIBS offers three forms of study for the degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) for employed students that do not differ in content and extent but only in specific time plan.

Residential form - once per month from Wednesday to Saturday (or from Friday to Sunday) 2 1/4 years. The study is very intensive. Besides acquired knowledge and skills, the most positive aspect of this form of study is the possibility to share experience of managers from different industry branches. The residential MBA study is organized in such a way that it makes maximum use of interpesonal communication to achieve synergic effect resulting from team work of managers of various orientation. The study takes place in the seat of PIBS, accomodation capacities are available.

Residential study in Olomouc - In collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University and Moravská vysoká škola Olomouc (Moravian College Olomouc), the Prague International Business School (PIBS) established a branch in Olomouc that has been active since 9/1/04.

The creation of the Olomouc branch is one of the activities of the Moravian College. The goal is to enhance the qualification niveau of workers in the field of administrative and corporate sphere, banking, insurance industry and health care. Managers in these areas should be perfectly prepared for their demanding tasks in future.

Lecturers will be top Czech and international experts who will present up-to-date knowledge to the students in the fields of management and economy. The study will focus on practical needs and practical application. Depending on students' interest, selected subjects will be focus on their area of specialization. The final project and partial assignments guided by PIBS experts will solve real practical problems.

The study will be conducted in Czech. Graduates will be granted the MBA degree that is recognized throughout the world. PIBS is a school with the highest international accreditation in the field of management education. The MBA degree that is granted to PIBS graduates has worldwide validity. They can be employed on top management position not only in the Czech Republic but also in other countries.

The contents and organization of the study is the same as in the residential study.

Residential study, focued on health care management - courses take place one week (Tuesday till Friday) each month.

Distance learning program - intended for those who prefer to study on their own pace and at times that are most suitable for them. The study is planned to take 2 - 3 years, depending on study intensity. The distance form of study will be opened in September 2003. Further information about the study programs can be found in the section "Study Programs", or you can contact directly the PIBS secretary's office.

In-Business form - residential form implemented in the region of the companies that send their students. The organizational and time-schedule aspects of the study are adapted to their needs Through choice subjects and final projects, the companies can chose topics that correspond to the particularities of their business activity.

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