Admission Procedures

Admission Procedures - Contact MBA

Admission Requirements:

  • university graduation (at least bachelor degree)
  • at least two years of professional practice
  • reading knowledge of English
  • successful passing of admission interview
    (interview, modified GMAT test, test of English)

The interview verifies interest in the study, course of the professional career, personal characteristics, plans of personal development, time capacity for the study.
In case of in-business form of study student are selected under assistance of the top management of the involved companies. The managers also influence the selection of topics to be covered in the projects prepared at the end of the study.

Admission Procedures - International MBA

Admission Requirements:

  • university diploma (at least bachelor degree)
  • sufficient knowledge of English or German
  • at least two years of business practice after university graduation .

Admission Procedure Dates

Admission procedure for MBA courses (residential and distance study and Czech-German program) take place on 21 June 2006 from 8 a. m. in the seat of the school in Hotel Krystal, J. Martího 2, Prague 6. Applications (best in electronic form) can be submitted until 16 June 2006 to the email address If the announce date for admission procedure collides with your personol schedule feel free to contact the secretary's office.

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