Teaching Methods

The teaching methods correspond with the goal of MBA study to educate top managers. Management positions are no appointed functions. Rather, they are professions with special postgraduate education that find their application in various fields and sectors of economy. MBA study has to make students familiar with management theory while enhancing their own skills through collaboration with colleague students. It is a very demanding and interactive teaching program.

The main pedagogical tools are combined lectures, case studies, team discussions, individual and team projects and essays. Stress is laid on team work, creative methods and team discussion. In order for these methods to be successful students are supposed to have several years of practical experience.

Theoretical teaching is completed with interpersonal communication to achieve the synergic effect resulting from team work of managers of different orientation. The practical part of the study is enhanced by ongoing sharing of experience through case studies from management practice in various companies in the Czech Republic as well as in other countries. An important methodical component of the study is the implementation of a mini-project and final project and their public presentation. The goal is to analyze a given management-oriented problem and to design a practical solution.

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