International Activities of PIBS Growing

The main internation activities was the launching of two international MBA programs

The Czech-German MBA program is organized in collaboration with EAP Berlin. Student spend the second year of study in Germany both on internships in German companies and on courses in EAP Berlin where they attend selected lectures. They end their study with a MBA diploma granted by EAP and PIBS.

The other program is an MBA program in English which is organized in collaboration with the Manchester Metropolitan University, ESCP Paris and PIBS. This one-year "full-time" program takes place in Manchester, Paris and Prague and the MBA degree is granted by all three schools. Prestigeous school from all over the world send their students for shorter one-week or two-week internships to PIBS. A biweekly lecture series was arranged for the Manchester Business School to research and discuss the issues connected with transition to market economy.

PIBS teachers lectured on similar topics to student of the Canadian Rotman School of Management in Toronto and Ivey School of Management in London, Canada. These two school belong to the leading management schools in Canada. The Ivey School is called Canadian Harvard because, similar to Harvard Graduate School of Business, it focuses on the creation of cases studies that are subsequently utilized by other schools. For these schools as well as for students of other management schools, PIBS prepared lectures and visits of Czech companies, institutions, banks and central administration offices, and also discussions with Czech managers. Students from the University of Cincinnati and University of San Diego (USA) visited the company Škoda-Auto, students from Kent State University visited glass works Rueckl. The program for student of Rotman School included the creation of a strategic plan for selected Czech companies under active assistance of our PIBS students. Canadian part-time students were relatively experienced managers who had a good grasp of management skills and theory, similar to their Czech colleagues. It was a suprise for our students to see the sense of responsibility and consideration which the foreign students exhibited in solving the assignment how diligently they prepared for it. As their knew in advance which companies are to be visited it was no problem for them to find and study the corresponding annual reports. They were able to discuss the matter at such a high professional level as to inspire respect and admiration of their Czech colleague. An indispensable part of the international acitivities form the lectures of foreign professors in PIBS. A frequent lecturer is professor Gerhard Reber from the International Institute of Management Studies at Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz, professor Lang from Germany and professors from Manchester Metropolitan University. PIBS teachers also work as external examiners at management schools in other countries, e. g. professor Leo Vodáček at the Nottingham Trent University and professor . Milan Malý at the Liverpool University. Guest lecturing of PIBS teacher at other school abroad and participation in management conferences and seminars as well as publication in international scientific journals represents an important part of PIBS staff activities.All these activities and experience positively impact the quality of teaching at PIBS and increase the overall rating of MBA study at PIBS.

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