Graduates Association

Do you have a Master of Business Administration(MBA) Diploma from Prague International Business School?

Then you are member of the PIBS Graduates' Association

The mission of MBA study in our conditions is to educate and train top managers with unlimited scope of employment in any branch of economy. It is a highly specialized management education to meet social needs not only in our country. It satisfies the general requirements placed on that profession worldwide.

It is the qualitative exclusiveness of the graduates that led us to the creation of an association whose members are exclusively PIBS graduates with an MBA diploma. The Association became an exclusive and prestigeous club and a platform for developing critical personal contacts among its members. Membership is automatic, you do not need to register. Each graduate can freely make use of the advantages resulting from his or her membership without any limitation.

As already mentioned, the main goal of the association is to develop professional and social contacts on the territory of the membership as well as towards government and other controlling institutions that play some role in modern economic, financial and industrial policy. The association organizes meetings and invites leading representatives of the industry, commerce and policy to participate and to give talks. There is always enough time for open discussion and personal conversation during the informal part of the meeting.

An important component of these activities is the environment and the potential of organizing additional events. We found that the most suitable place for meetings of the PIBS Graduates' Association is the Štiřín Chateau and the most suitable time is the second half of May when participants can enter the terrace that overlooks the adjacent park offering a magnificent view of the scenery.

The PIBS Graduates' Association also publishes a bulletin and provides information on web pages.

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